Deerland Grade: QUALITY TEA

A memorable one. It is balanced, delicate, and with a distinctive character that is outstanding.


Summer 2011

Cultivar | QingXinOolong

ShanLinXi Region | 1600 m

Oxidation Level | Low

Roasting Degree | None


覓 /bāi/ Age Pressed White Tea

Not every tea is crafted for purposely aging, but this one is. Pressed into the cake and stored carefully underground for more than a decade, this white tea has become an example of how a tea's notes, flavors, and body can transform through time and achieve timelessness. QingXinOolong is one of the most iconic cultivars that are popular amongst Taiwanese tea makers, its features almost can't be distinguished anymore. But the complexity of the tea is significant: Blackberry, Buddha‘s Hand Citron, Raisin, Plum Wine, Ginseng, Nectar, Chamomile, Vanilla, Tobacco, Goji Berry, Molded Dried Vegetable, Leather, Sea Salt, Pepper, Shiitake Mushroom, Coffee, and more... these are the notes or flavors you may find within.

【Aging】覓 Summer 2011 | Pressed White Tea | Aged Tea 50g