Deerland Grade: B/Beautiful. It is adorable with details and layers. A brilliant made.


Winter 2017

Cultivar | QingXingOolong

Mt. LaLa | 1700 m

Oxidation Level | Light

Roasting Degree | Light



This is a high mountain oolong with a low oxidation level produced in Mt. LaLa in northwest Taiwan. It is a relatively less known tea region compare to some of its famous neighbors such as Mt. Li, but with its significant tea quality and unique terroir flavors, Mt. LaLa no doubt has great potential to become the next star. For a while, some tea dealers still would try to label teas from Mt. LaLa under the title of Mt. Li to gain more profit from its fame, but for the people who had tasted and compared teas from both, the difference is undeniable and the preference may differ.    


This tea is processed in a plantation isolated from other tea and vegetable farms to avoid pesticide contaminations. The diurnal temperature range commonly exceeds over 10°C due to the altitude of such a region. The diurnal temperature range is highly associated with high mountain tea quality: the anti-frost mechanism of the tea plants leads to rich flavors and creamier mouthfeel. The soil in this region both drains well and is rich in organic matter, which is ideal for tea tree cultivation. As a result, oolong from this region is tasty and highly recommended.

【Aging】2017 Mt. LaLa Oolong | B311-W17 | 40g

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  • Steam Note:

    Pine Nut, Wood, Asparagus, Ripe Fruit, Soybean


    Tea Flavor:

    Lily, Umami, Asparagus, Herb

    Being rich, intense, complex, and full-body


    Post-Brew Note:

    Soybean, Soy Sause, Cream, Lily, Melon