Deerland Grade: D/Smooth. Everyone can enjoy daily.


Autumn 2019. Cultivar | QingXinOolong

Deerland Tea Region | 300 m

Oxidation Level | Low

Roasting Degree | Medium


Deerland Oolong is produced in TaiDong, the eastern part of Taiwan. It is lightly oxidized and processed like the most high-mountain oolong tea, but because of the environment temperature of such a producing region is higher than on the mountainous areas, the aroma of these teas is bolder and the flavor is stronger and more bitter. The proper amount of astringency is considered an important feature of a well-made oolong in Taiwan; perfectly smooth teas are not as interesting as teas with a bit of roughness. Also, the occurrence of astringency usually is correlated with the occurrence of the taste of umami and the occurrence of the sweetish aftertaste. 


Deerland Oolong, therefore, is an ideal starting point for people who is new to low-oxidized Taiwanese tea: the characteristics of such low-oxidized oolong are easily perceivable. Getting familiar with the different aspects of Deerland Oolong can prepare one to further explore the world of high mountain low-oxidized Taiwanese oolong tea.


The weather in 2019 is (too) warm and humid year-round and unfortunately, had made the winter harvest not even possible this year in the Deerland region. The Autumn harvest became the last yield of the year and the taste of this bach is milder than usual. Those who do not enjoy a tea with a strong, slightly astringent finish seem to find their new way to Deerland Oolong through this year's autumn production.  


This Deerland Oolong has been roasted further with smokeless coconut charcoal at low temperature for around 14 hours within 3 days. The roasting process added more flavors to the tea and transform some of the floral and herbal notes into nutty, smokey, and caramel-like flavors. After proper storage of a year to wait until the toasty notes resulted from the roasting smoothly faded, now is the best time to enjoy this crafted tea. Check the review from tea blogger tea.log/Marcel Karcher.

2019 Medium Roasted Deerland Oolong | D331-A19 | 80g

  • Steam Note:

    Malt Sugar, Sugar Cane, Cookies, Olive


    Tea Flavor:

    Maple Syrup, Nougat, Cane Sugar, Wood


    Post-Brew Note:

    Sweet Potato, Tabacco, Papaya, Sugar Cane