Deerland Grade: C/Attractive. It is balanced, delicate, and with a distinctive character. A memorable one.


Summer 2020

Cultivar | TRES#8 (80 years old tree)

Sun-Moon-Lake (YuChi Township) Region | 700 m

Oxidation Level | Almost Full

Roasting Degree | None



TRES#8 is a big-leaf-variety cultivar that was bred selectively almost 80 years ago from the cultivar Jaipuri (Camellia sinensis var. assamica) which was first discovered in India. TRES#8 is suitable for black tea processing; it is full-bodied and strong with a malty flavor.


This tea is planted in a well-managed tea farm nearby Sun-Moon-Lake and processed with care. The young tea maker of this tea has been awarded many top prizes in the local tea contests for its outstanding black tea processing skill and the ongoing effort on improving the craft.




During the time Taiwan was ruled by Japan (1895-1945), the Japanese government focused on building Taiwan into its crops-production center and had launched many agricultural experiments on the land.

One of the best surprises was when they found that some regions around the Sun-Moon-Lake in Taiwan can cultivate big-leaf-variety tea cultivar really well. Soon after, labs, tea gardens, plantations, packaging factories and so a whole black tea industry was built on the spot.


The first batch of seedlings which has been successfully cultivated ever since was imported from India by Mr. Aria-Kokichiro 新井耕吉郎, the head of the Japanese black tea experiments team in Taiwan, who had later been titled as „The Father of Taiwanese Black Tea“ by the locals. The black tea we present here was told to be processed from the tea trees planted by the hands of Mr. Aria-Kokichiro and his team around 80 years ago.

2020 Old Tree Black Tea | C901-S20 | 40g

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