Deerland Grade: C/Attractive. It is balanced, delicate, and with a distinctive character. A memorable one.


Summer 2020

Cultivar | TRES 18, "The Ruby"

YuChi, Sun-Moon-Lake Region | 700 m

Oxidation Level | Almost Full

Roasting Degree | None



Ruby Black Tea made with TRES 18 cultivar is one of the most iconic Taiwanese black teas. TRES 18 is a tea cultivar originally developed and released in Taiwan. By interbreeding between a native big-leave native variety cultivar and another one from Myanmar, TRES 18 is most suitable for black tea processing.


This tea is planted in a well-managed tea farm nearby Sun-Moon-Lake and processed with care. The young teamaker of this tea has been awarded many top prizes for its outstanding black tea processing skill and the ongoing effort on improving the craft.

2020 Ruby Black Tea | C901-S20 | 40g

  • Steam Note:

    Dried Plum, Chocolate, Peppermint


    Tea Flavor:

    Cinnamon, Rice, Honey


    Post-Brew Note:

    Dried Plum, Chestnut, Peppermint