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源 Guân. 2024 Spring Deerland Black Oolong

Notes & Flavors

Citron Daylily, Sourdough, Nectar, Cocoa


Deerland Grade / House Tea / smooth & tasty

This loose-, whole-leaf tea is properly crafted. Everyone can enjoy it daily.


Late Spring 2024

Cultivar. JinXuan

Deerland (LuYe) Region. 300 m

Oxidation Level. High

Roasting Degree. None

About this tea

Black Oolong Tea from Luye, Taiwan

The raw leaves to craft into this Black Oolong are harvested in one of the most familiar tea gardens of ours, which is the garden located in the LuYe (Deerland) region owned by the aunt of Deerland Tea's co-founder. Every member of Deerland Tea has started the tea-learning journey by launching experiments on this particular ground; we pluck, process, roast, and drink tea together here, and we grow and apply our knowledge about tea crafting here.

This Black Oolong is sweet and fruity in taste, tender and silky in texture; it is one of the teas that many would keep craving in their everyday life.

Tea plants that are cultivated in LuYe (Deerland) region, Taiwan, tend to naturally taste bitter and astringent when they are low-oxidized due to the high temperature and low altitude of their growing environment. Black Oolong was developed by Taiwan's national Tea Research Institute, the TRES, in cooperation with the local farmers and tea makers to specifically target this situation. By applying the oolong crafting technique but raising the oxidization level close to black tea, Black Oolong loses some of its floral notes, but usually contains more aromatic ripe fruit notes and tastes less pungent; the sweetness of black tea has wonderfully mixed with the freshness of oolong and further results in aromas similar to Rosé or herbal liquor in the Black Oolong.

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