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Sa., 01. Juni 2024  |  Stadthaus Ulm


A delightful Tango music experience with the sparkle of Taiwanese specialty tea during the intermission

Time & Location

01. Juni 2024, 16:20 – 19:00 MESZ

Stadthaus Ulm, Stadthaus, Münsterplatz 50, 89073 Ulm, Germany

About the event

Tango music, with its passionate rhythms and soulful melodies, has long enchanted audiences around the world. Its presence in films has not only elevated cinematic storytelling but has also brought the essence of tango to life in a unique and captivating way. The intertwining of tango and Taiwanese cinema creates a magical experience that resonates deeply with viewers, transcending time and space.



Five talented musicians —— Ruei-Ran Wu 吳睿然, a composer and bandoneonist who has been nominated twice for the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan) in the category of film music; Richard Lee 李齊, a violinist who has played lead roles in film and TV dramas; Mon-Puo Lee 李孟波, a Spanish cellist of Taiwanese descent who has won numerous international prizes; Kuan-Han Wu 吳冠漢, an outstanding pianist living in Vienna, and I-Chiao Shih 石易巧, a sought-after concert and opera singer who has been a permanent member of the Theater Ulm ensemble since the 2012/2013 season. —— will transport the audience through musical narratives into the magical tunnel of time and space filled with sound and visual scenes, bringing classic dance scenes with tango in films back to life.



Experience an unforgettable musical journey with our exclusive performance, showcasing the enchanting power of tango music in film. Delight in the evocative film music by Ruei-Ran Wu from "When Love Comes" (2010) and the heartfelt theme song from the beloved TV series "We Best Love", performed by Richard Lee and composed by Xi Huan (2021).



Be captivated by the timeless allure of iconic tango music in cinema. Feel the passion of Carlos Gardel's legendary "Por una cabeza" (1935) and the fiery intensity of Astor Piazzolla's "Tango Apasionado" (1988). Relive poignant moments with the enchanting theme from "Il Postino" (1994) by Luis Enrique Bacalov, and the nostalgic melodies of John Barry's "Somewhere in Time" (1980).



Witness the grandeur of Astor Piazzolla's masterpiece, "The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires" (1965-1970), performed with breathtaking virtuosity. This event celebrates tango's enduring legacy in film, brought to life by some of the finest musicians of our time.


During the intermission, a Taiwanese specialty tea and chocolate pairing menu that is associated with the passion for Tango music will be presented by the Deerland Tea team:

A.  Nitro Iron Goddess Oolong Tea (cultivar TieGuanYin. Harvest from PingLin; Craft in MuZha, Winter 2013)

B.  Ruby Black Tea on Ice (cultivar HongYu. Sun Moon Lake, Winter 2022)

C. Handcrafted Chocolate; Cultivated, fermented, and processed in Taiwan by the award-winning Fu Wan Chocolate



Secure your tickets here and be part of an evening that promises to enchant and inspire.

Performers of the Concert


Taiwanese Tea & Chocolate
Tasting Menu
during Intermission

{ Tea }

Nitro Iron Goddess Oolong Tea

cultivar TieGuanYin

Harvest from PingLin; Craft in MuZha

Winter 2013

Ruby Black Tea on Ice

cultivar HongYu

Sun Moon Lake

Winter 2022

{ Chocolate }

Handcrafted Chocolate Series

cultivated, fermented, and produced in Taiwan

by the premium chocolate manufacturer

Fu Wan Chocolate

#1 Ping Tung 70%

#8 Premium Roast 70%

#9 Double Ferment Rough Ground 70%

#10 Dark Milk 53%

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