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Taiwanese PiLuoChun Green Tea

溪 Khe. 2023 Winter SanXia PiLoChun Green Tea

Notes & Flavors

Clams, Lima Bean, Green Yuzu, Soy Pulp


Deerland Grade / House Tea / smooth & tasty

This loose-, whole-leaf tea is properly crafted. Everyone can enjoy it daily.


Winter 2023

Cultivar. QingXinGan(A)

SanXia Region. 700 m

Oxidation Level. Almost Non

Roasting Degree. None

This Taiwanese PiLoChun is full of green notes: the smell of dew on the grass, lima bean, reed, and clams have interwoven with a bit of citrus at its finishing. The liquid is light-bodied but layered in refreshing flavors. A reflection of spring in the tropical.


SanXia, formerly known as Sann-kak-íng 三角湧, is a town in northern Taiwan that being the center of green tea production on the island since the '50s. The town's tea-producing history can date 200 years ago, but it was never famous for processing green tea until the '50s. In 1949, the KuoMingTang (the Chinese Nationalist Party)-ruled government had been exiled from China to Taiwan for the loss of the Chinese Civil War. Millions of soldiers and officers in the troop had been brought alongside the retreat. While they were eagerly looking forward to setting up living here in Taiwan, some old habits still haunted them day and night—— including their carving of green tea.


Unlike the local Taiwanese people who enjoyed PauTsiong and Oolong tea the most, those who just relocated consumed merely green tea. Soon enough the tea farmers and tea makers in SanXia realized how the local tea cultivar: QingXinGan(A) is such a fit for green tea processing and went into production one after another. By modeling on the traditional Chinese BiLuoChun and LongJing Green Tea, a new style of Taiwanese Green Tea was established and sought after ever since.

About this tea

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