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覓 Bāi. 2011 Summer SanLinXi Aged White Tea Cake

Notes & Flavors

Blackberry, Buddha‘s Hand Citron, Raisin, Plum Wine, Ginseng, Nectar, Chamomile, Vanilla, Tobacco, Goji Berry, Molded Dried Vegetable, Leather, Sea Salt, Pepper, Shiitake Mushroom, Coffee


Deerland Grade / Quality Tea / a memorable tea for the enthusiast

It is balanced, delicate, and with several distinctive, outstanding characteristics.


Summer 2011

Cultivar. QingXinOolong

SanLinXi, YangWan Region. 1400 m

Oxidation Level. Medium

Roasting Degree. None

About this tea


Not every tea is crafted for purposely aging, but this one is. Pressed into cakes and stored carefully underground for more than a decade, this white tea has become an example of how a tea's notes, flavors, and body can transform through time and achieve timelessness.


Cultivar QingXinOolong 青心烏龍 is one of the most iconic cultivars that are popular amongst Taiwanese tea makers for over a century. The signature notes of such cultivar, which are often referred to as "The Flag-Notes of the Oolong 烏龍旗", are the fragrance that is combined with the scent of boat orchids, sweet osmanthus flowers, and bamboo shoots. These signature notes could no longer be found in this aged tea, but all the years in between had further oxidized these ravishing scents into a more complex bund: 

blackberry, buddha‘s hand citron, raisin, plum wine, ginseng, nectar, chamomile, vanilla, tobacco, goji berry, molded dried vegetable, leather, sea salt, pepper, shiitake mushroom, coffee, and more; countless notes and flavors are awaited to be explored via different brewing methods. 

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