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Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong from DingHu, Taiwan

喜 Hí. 2024 Spring DingHu
Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong

Notes & Flavors

Milk, Custard, Nori, Pineapple, Sea Salt


Deerland Grade / House Tea / smooth & tasty

This loose-, whole-leaf tea is properly crafted. Everyone can enjoy it daily.


Spring 2024

Cultivar. JinXuan

DingHu Region. 1400 m

Oxidation Level. Light

Roasting Degree. None

This light oxidized Oolong is produced in Mt. ALi (ALiShan) - DingHu region on a regular seasonal basis. Its iconic JinXuan cultivar aroma presents profoundly and keeps reminding us why the cultivar earns its nickname the "Milky Oolong". The tea liquid is smooth and tender without bitterness; the notes flourished with a veil mixed with milk, Nori, and pineapple scent.   


Based on the amount of yield in recent years, no doubt that the cultivar JinXuan 金萱 is currently the most popular cultivar amongst the Taiwanese tea production community.


There are several factors to support JinXuan‘s popularity. First, its high adaptability— it is fine to craft JinXuan into PauTsiong, Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong, Roasted Rolled Oolong, Iron Goddess, Black Oolong, Black Tea, or even Oriental Beauty. JinXuan is a very versatile cultivar for producing semi-oxidized to full-oxidized tea.

Second, the cultivar JinXuan performs excellently in disease resistance by nature. In interviews with farmers in southwestern Taiwan, many had told us that cultivating JinXuan actually helped them to transform their practices from conventional farming to natural or organic farming because less fertilizer and pesticides are needed. In a healthy, well-managed agricultural environment, JinXuan can grow luxuriantly with minimum assistance from humans.

Third, the Light Oxidized Oolong crafted with JinXuan sometimes would be titled the “Milky Oolong” for the tea contains natural milky notes. It is a blessing that when this cultivar is lightly oxidized, a natural milk-like scent would be brought out and it is quite a charm to the consumers. When the oxidation level is raised, the smell then may change to tropical fruity notes such as green mango or kiwi. Furthermore, if the tea leaf gets properly post-roasted, it is common to sense pineapple and citron daylily from the tea.


JinXuan-crafted-oolong is a sweet starting point for people who is new to low oxidized Taiwanese tea: the characteristics of such light oxidized oolong are easily perceivable.

About this tea

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