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Whole Leaf Gourmet Mt. ALi (Alishan) Taiwanese Tea

旗 Kî. 2024 Spring ZhangSuHu
Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong

Notes & Flavors

Cucumber, White Champaca, Jasmine, Pear, Seaweed


Deerland Grade / Quality Tea / a memorable tea for the enthusiast

It is balanced, delicate, and with several distinctive, outstanding characteristics.


Spring 2024

Cultivar. QingXinOolong

Mt. ALi-ZhangSuHu Region. 1600 m

Oxidation Level. Light

Roasting Degree. None

This Light Oxidized Rolled Oolong would remind many how a classic "Taiwanese High Mountain Tea 台灣高山茶" tastes like.

The tea liquid is tender with a medium velvety body; green, floral, fermented soy, and light fruity notes layer within the clear golden stream; the slight astringency at its finishing will soon dissolve and release the tension on the palates to experience a strong "sweet aftertaste 回甘"—— which is a body's reaction of being stimulated to produce more saliva and feeling there is a mild sweet taste comes back in the fluid in your mouth.  

Mt. ALi (ALiShan) is a big-name tea region in Taiwan in different aspects for different reasons, including political ones. To cut the story short, Mt. ALi is a well-known tea region but lacks proper grading and retailing institution for many years. Fraud is not uncommon, and ill-managed tea farms are not exceptional.


While many tea plantations are clustered in mountainous regions, the Mt. ALi tea we sourced was made from a plantation isolated from the others so that the tea trees can be freed from fertilization and pest management malpractices. The soil is well-ventilated and rich in organic layers. The resulting teas taste just as rich both in terms of flavors and notes. We, therefore, use this particular tea as the standard to assess the quality of the high-mountain oolong tea we sample.

About this tea

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